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Our products are made from safe, natural and organic ingredients, free of parabens and chemicals that would harm you or the environment.  No animal testing.

Partial List of Products  inventory changes frequently

Hand-Dipped Stick and Cone Incense

Powdered Incense

Sachets and Potpourri

Super-fatted Soaps made with oils of coconut, shea butter, avocado, olive oil, cocoa butter, herbs, essential oils and plant based coloring 

Bath Salts/Body and Massage Oil

Pure Hair Oils 

Dragon's Blood Oil

Calendula Oil

Healing Stones Jewelry

Mortar & Pestles

Smudge Sticks

Abalone Shells

Shaklee Dietary  Supplements, Environment friendly home products -

Earth Totems

Body Brushes and Sponges

Essential Oil Blends

Herbal Facial Serums, Masks, Steams

Custom Herbal Formulas for your health and well-being

A selection of healing herbs for mind, body, and spirit - complete list coming soon

Comfort Pillows for eyes, neck, and body


Herbal Bath Blends

Ointments Liniments and Salves

Foot Soaks  Oils and Scrubs

Visit the shop by appointment or inquire online

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