Happy Holidays

December 28, 2013
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday!  

Opening the store

January 5, 2013
Opening this store has been an intense effort and labor of love.  I realized this is not only my dream, but what other people have been waiting to see evolve.  This is actually an evolution in progress as we master taking our knowledge to create a manifestation of our dreams for a physical resource to promote mind, body, and spiritual healing for everyone. The storefront is now open, however, it is ever evolving with creative inspiration.  Thank you for your support. We are focusing on the sh...
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Welcome to the Enchanted Leaf Blog

Greetings, I am Laura, owner of the Enchanted Leaf. I hope you will join the discussion as I share information about herbs, mind, body, and spirit healing. I have wanted to start a shop and online store for a very long time, but time just seemed to get away from me. I spent the last several years raising my children, mastering herbology and aromatherapy, and earning three masters degrees and a doctorate. I have a private practice as a life and health coach and psychotherapist. I am also an RN and Nurse Practitioner. My knowledge and work with herbs have become a valuable resource for maintaining my health and well-being, and that of my clients. I am thrilled to share this information and our products with you. Namaste, see you soon on the blog.

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