Our Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbal products are made with caring and a deep respect for nature.   Our products are free of parabens, and other ingredients that may be harmful to you and the environment.  Our products are designed to nourish, nurture, and delight your mind, body and spirit.

Above - varigated basil.  Below - An Enchanted Leaf Earth Totem

This sweet little duck blessed us by nesting between my apple mint and peonies. She laid 7 eggs. From a distance, we watched over her as nature took its course.

About Us

When I was in my teens, I would concoct face and body products for my very sensitive skin.  One day my father, who was very particular about what touched his skin. asked me to blend a cream for him.  That was all the encouragement I needed to ignite my interest in healing traditions, herbs, aromatherapy, and making products that supported life.   I wanted to know the integrity and purity of the ingredients in my soaps, body creams, and hair products. As a Nurse Herbalist, I share these healing products and traditions with others, so I started sharing recipes along with indigenous and regional healing and remedies.  I opened a small shop so I could reach more people interested in these healing traditions and in the quality of the products available.

Our mission is to provide you and your family with herbal products and information that sustain your well-being. We believe that anyone should have access to safe products that nurture and promote health and healing, while protecting the earth.

What Will You Find at The Enchanted Leaf 

The Enchanted Leaf offers a wonderful selection of products made with essential oils and herbs such as handcrafted super-fatted soaps, natural incenses, salves, ointments, sachets, and more. You will also find a delightful selection of culinary, medicinal, and spiritual herbs, unique oil blends, and other carefully selected products to promote a balanced, healthy body, mind, and spirit. And don't be surprised if you find some fun and magical gifts to delight your senses and whimsy.   

New products will be introduced regularly. 

Effective April 1, 2018, we closed our retail location to focus on our online store to be opened in May, 2018.

Classes, workshops, and presentations will be offered online on a regular basis
Consultations are also available by appointment.  

  • Herbal/Healing Consultation
  • Custom Aromatherapy and Herbal Products
  • Moxibustion


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